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Wolf’s Lair tour from Warsaw

Mystery expedition in the footsteps of the World War II and visit the remains of the former Hitler Headquarter called the Wolf’s Lair. Here Hitler undertook many important decisions and also here a failed attempt on his life in July 1944 took place. After, you will visit Mamerki – a complex of undamaged Nazi bunkers where was located one of the biggest command centers of the Nazi Germany. Alternatively, you can visit a famous Polish sanctuary in Swieta Lipka.

This tour starts in Warsaw. You will be picked up by our English-speaking driver from your hotel. First you will visit Wolf’s Lair. Afterwards, driver will transfer you for lunch to a local restaurant. In Mamerki you will the Seat of Nazi Land Forces (OKH) – bunkers that are perfectly maintained.

Instead of Mamerki, you can pay a visit to Swieta Lipka where there is a sanctuary and famous organs. You will come back to Warsaw around 21:00.

During the tour you will see:

Wolf’s Lair
You will see the ruins of Adolf Hitler Headquarter, place he lived between June 1940 until November 1944. There is a huge complex of 250 ha which consists of barracks, shelters and bunkers equipped in its own power and water supplies. Our guide will tell you about everyday life in the Lair and also about many crucial decisions which were taken here e.g. about creation of concentration camps. Retreating German troops blew up the whole complex, however it is preserved in a good condition. Especially some of the bunkers inhabited by German dignitaries for example the Goering bunker. You will visit the exact place where a German officer (Claus Von Stauffenberg) tried to kill Adolf Hitler by letting a bomb burst in July 1940. He survived with his clothes singed, a cut to his hand and damaged ear drums.

MamerkiThe Nazi shelters located in Mamerki are one of the best-preserved in Poland. The most important decisions for the Wehrmacht army durin

g the World War II were taken here. Also here the order to put down the Warsaw Uprising was given.

Buldings and concrete shelters were constructed between 1940 and 1944 and due to the fact that Nazis had no time blowing them up they remained untouched. You will see 250 buildings, including 30 shelters that were built for forty highest generals and field marshals, 1500 officers and Wehrmacht soldiers. You will take a look at a 30-metres long tunnel connecting two shelters as well!

After the war, near the shelter, there was the serach for the Amber Room. Polish sappers blew up the bunker no. 31 many times in order to find th

e treasure but without success – it was never found. In the Museum you will see a replic of the Amber Room.

Instead of visiting Mamerki, you can admire a beautiful sanctuary in Swieta Lipka.

Swieta Lipka
See one of the most impressive baroque sanctuaries which synthesis of church, cloisters and the monastery. Inside survived almost unchanged sculpture ornamentation and wall paintings. The complex is picturesque located at the bottom of valley surrounded by forests.

Practical information

– driver: English-speaking
– guide in the Wolf’s Lair: English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German (other languages on request)
Please let us know if you have any serious health issues so that we know how to react in case of emergency.

8:00 Pick-up from your hotel in Warsaw
12:00 – 13:30 Visit in Wolf’s Lair
14:00 – 15:30 Visit in Mamerki or Swieta Lipka
16:00 – 17:00 Lunch
21:00 Drop-off at your hotel in Warsaw
[the order may change]

Price includes:

Transportation by car/minibus
Pick-up and drop off at your hotel in the city centre
English-speaking driver (other languages are possible on request)
English-speaking guide in the Wolf’s Lair (other languages are possible if requested in advance)
Admission fee to Wolf’s Lair (Mamerki extra: 4 EUR per person + 70 EUR guide)


Free Traditional Polish lunch (soup, main course, water) in touristic restaurant; exclusive restaurant on request during private tours
Free wifi in most of our cars (ask the driver)
Visit in Mamerki is on your own. If you want a guide there it costs 70 EUR.

Prices: 160 EUR/person  – at least 2 people

Pickup hours: 8:00 - 9:00 Duration: 13 hours